Criminal Law

Criminal law is a complex, technical area of law. Since a person’s very liberty may be at issue, it is important that the best advice is obtained from the start. If you are seeking advice in any area of Criminal law, please click here to leave your details for a call back.

We have vast experience in all areas of Criminal Law and in all levels from Central Criminal Court and Special Criminal Court matters, to matters in the Circuit and District Courts.

We understand that even a very minor criminal charge, can be a huge matter of concern for a person. To that extent, we are fully prepared to give a client all time necessary to counsel and guide them through a difficult period.

A growing area of Criminal Law is that of Corporate Criminal charges. With our expertise in aspects of Commercial Law, we are fully capable of advising in such matters.

Our areas of expertise include:

-          Theft and related offences

-           Public Order Offences

-          Drug-related charges

-          Road Traffic Offences

-          Firearms and Offensive Weapons

-          Assault

-          Murder and Manslaugher

-          Sexual Offences

-          Criminal Damage

-          European Arrest Warrants & Extradition

This is not a finite list of our experience in Criminal Law, and we can advise in any other aspect of the judicial system as may be necessary.